Hike up San Jacinto Peak - June 3, 2006
Below are some photos of the climb up to San Jacinto Peak by Joel and Sarah Schreuder along with Mark Vander Pol. The hike took longer than expected (partially because of the drive up the 8 mile unmaintained dirt road), but we made it and it was well worth it!

We took the Fuller Ridge Trail which starts in the upper left corner of the map. Our destination is in the lower right part of the map. The one-way trip to the peak was 7.6 miles and 3,114 feet in elevation gain.

San Gorgonio Mountain (11,499') to the north. We are already planning a Fall '06 trip. If interested e-mail me!!

The north side of San Jacinto Peak 2,500' above us.

Mark standing in one of the cold mountain streams we crossed. We crossed this stream later further upstream and had lunch there.

The end of the Fuller Ridge Trail, 5 miles into our hike. We still had 2.6 miles and 2,000 feet to go.

Our trail leading north.

Little Round Valley. There are a number of wilderness campsites here which someday I would like to utilize. We passes a couple of groups on our way up that were hoping to spend the night here.

Sarah and Joel hiking. This is what much of the trail looked like above 9,000 feet.

Only 0.3 miles remaining! Yes, that is snow surrounding the sign! We had to post-hole our way through a lot of it on our way up to the peak.

Mark, Sarah and Joel proving that we made it! The sign says 10,834 feet, but the maps say 10,804. We are going with the higher number! I was actually surprised that there were about 25 people with us on the peak. From what I could tell a good number took the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway up to 8,420 feet and then they hiked the 6 miles to the peak.

Newton Drury Peak (10,160') to the south. A pair of guys we met on the trail were going to that peak.

Looking to the west. There was quite a bit of smog and haze over the valley as well as a wildfire all reducing visibility.

Looking east. Even though the visibilty wasn't perfect, the pictures don't do justice to the views we had from the peak (as well as throughout the day on Fuller Ridge).

Looking north. The north side of the mountain drops 8,800 feet in 4 miles!

Looking roughly southwest (I think).

Granite outcropping through the trees off Fuller Ridge on our way back.

Although we thought we would be finished way before sunset, that was not the case. However, the sun setting through the smoke and haze gave us some beautiful colors and a nice warm glow on our final leg.

The sun setting on San Jacinto Peak. This was the last time we saw the mountain. It was amazing to think that we were up there just a couple of hours earlier.

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