Mount San Antonio (Mt. Baldy) - July 1, 2006
Below are some photos of the hike up Mount San Antonio by Scott Swanson and Mark Vander Pol on July 1, 2006.

In the lower left corner are San Antonio Falls. On the way back we walked up to the base of the falls just as a group was packing up from rapelling down.

The building is a restaurant up at "The Notch". To get to this point you can take a ski-lift or walk the 3.25 miles up a fire-road. We took the road. In the background is Mount Harwood

Looking back down the valley. You can see the ski lift coming up and the fire-road crossing underneath it.

The Devil's Backbone - this trail heads right along the top of the ridge with a couple thousand feet of nothing but rocks on either side. That peak is still Mount Harwood.

Scott heading up the western edge of the Backbone.

Looking down off to the side of the trail.
We started at the bottom of the valley someplace down there.

One of the more precarious portions of the trail. On the way back we met a couple coming towards us, that was a little hairy having to skirt around each other.

Finally a view of Mount San Antonio!! For really the first time of the whole trip the trail leveled off as we followed a contour along the backside of Mount Harwood.

Mount San Antonio and its southern (left in the picture) face which is called "Baldy Bowl". There is a route to the summit that comes up the bowl on the western edge (not seen in the photo). You can't really see our trail which heads straight up the eastern ridge.

Looking back from midway up the final ridge. At this point both Scott and I were ready to be on top, sit down and eat some lunch! There were a number of people coming down from the summit as well as a good number going up with us.

Proof of the summit!

Mount Baden-Powell from the summit. Another peak in my sights. Interested?.

Me on the summit.

Yes, those are bikers on the summit. When they showed up everybody on the summit cheered. They did admit that they had to walk their bikes a bit, but an extraordinary feat none the less.

Scott and Mark on the summit. Not quite the composition I would have liked, but what can you ask for when just handing the camera over?

Starting down...

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