Marion Mountain Campground - May 27-29, 2006

On Memorial Day weekend, Joel and Sarah Schreuder, Mark and Rachael Vander Werf, Tyler and Tami Schemper, Troy and Janna Schemper and Mark and Michelle Vander Pol went camping for two nights at the Marion Mountain Campground in the San Bernardino National Forest near Idyllwild, California. The weekend was supposed to be beautiful, but when we arrived on Saturday afternoon it was really cold and windy. Thankfully the rest of the weekend really was nice.

Four of the five tents are seen here in our campsites. Mark and Rachael's is off to the left.

Sitting around the fire.

The ladies from left to right: Rachael, Michelle, Tami, Janna, and Sarah

The guys from left to right: Mark VP, Mark VW, Joel, Troy, and Tyler

Eating breakfast Sunday morning with Tyler looking like he is ready to get going someplace.

Some of us decided to go for a little hike. The Marion Mountain trail passed by our campground so we jumped on that for a while.

Have rock, will climb.

On top of the rock.

Joel, Sarah, and Mark VW on top of the rock.

View to the north towards Fuller Ridge.

Nice photo op.

The girls play cards.

Just a note: Troy and Janna had to leave in the afternoon.

On Monday we took a nice trail that connected our campground with a State Park Campground down the hill. Here are the ladies on that hike.

Again the guys couldn't pass up an opportunity to get on top of something.

There is an old sawmill whose walls were still sort of standing.

A group shot at the campsite before heading out.

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