Joshua Tree National Park - October 12-14, 2007

Another great weekend at Joshua Tree! Because we were going to be having a fairly large group going this weekend, Mark drove up to the park early to reserve a couple of campsites. We actually stayed in the same campsite as in April along with the one next to it. Here is a list of who ended up coming:
  • Mark and Michelle Vander Pol
  • Mark and Rachael Vander Werf
  • Joel and Sarah Schreuder
  • Brian Duyst
  • Beth Toeset
  • Tyler and Tami Schemper (Friday night)
  • Luke and Jenny Varvel (Saturday night)

  • Walking in "The Hall of Horrors" on Saturday morning.

    Mark and Rachael going between some rocks.

    Brain laying down after climbing to the top of some rocks.

    A group shot of those that went climbing in the morning.

    Mark, Mark and Joel talking about the rocks in our campsite. We found out from a book that these rocks are called "The Manure Pile"!

    Looking out across the landscape from the Barker Dam area.

    Scrambling to get to the other side.

    A group photo of all of us.

    Some of the ladies walking up the rocks above Barker Dam.

    Mark and Michelle.

    The guys on top.

    Playing Over-the-Line Wiffle Ball.

    In camp Sunday morning.

    Brian brought a set of Bocce balls and playing around the campground was a blast! Here the guys are looking at somebody's errant toss.

    A Joshua Tree and the landscape looking southwest.

    Joel and Sarah going down a rock in the Jumbo Rock area.

    Beth and Michelle.

    On the way out we spotted a Bighorn Sheep!

    There are a lot more photos, but this should give you a decent idea of our trip! Hope you enjoyed looking at them and next time you will have to join us!

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