The High Sierra Trail, July 2-8, 2008

What follows is a brief description of the backpacking trip done by Dan Applegate, Steve Busse, Steve Boeringa, and Mark Vander Pol along the High Sierra Trail (HST) starting in Crescent Meadow and ending at Whitney Portal.

Day One (7.2.08): Start - Crescent Meadow (6,680'); End - Mehrten Creek (7,690'); Mileage - 6.7; Time - 3:12

Here is the crew from left to right standing: Steve Boeringa, Mark Vander Pol, Steve Busse; kneeling in front: Dan Applegate.

The HST officially starts from the trailhead at Crescent Meadow on the western side of the Sierras in Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park. It took us a while to drive to the trailhead, get our permits, rent bear canisters, and get everything straightened out in our packs. We quickly realized that there was no water source in the parking lot in which to fill up our water bottles! Therefore, we had to stop after 3 minutes of "hiking" to pump water from a creek flowing underneath the trail while a couple of other HST hikers and a bunch of day-hikers passed by!

The beginning of the trail follows the northern edge of the Kaweah River valley. To the east is the Great Western Divide which was visible through the haze and our destination in a couple of days.

Our first campsite at Merhten Creek. Once we hit the Creek there was a little map on a tree showing where the bearbox was located along with the campsites. Unfortunately all of these were up a very steep hill which after a long afternoon of hiking was just what our legs wanted to do! It was a nice site except for that.

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