Stanley Peak in Daley Ranch - March 10, 2007

Below are some photos from my hike up Stanley Peak (1,983') in Daley Ranch on the north side of Escondido, CA. For a map click here. The peak is actually unnamed in the map, but the peak is named "Stanley Peak" on the Daley Ranch Map

I woke up to dense fog outside our apartment and cool (almost cold temperatures). However, I decided to still go out and see what it was like a little higher up in elevation. As soon as I arrived at the Main Entrance/Trailhead I could see that I was already close to breaking through the fog and in a few minutes of hiking I would be above it. I arrived arounf 5:45am and was the first one to park in the parking lot, although there was a line of cars waitng for the gates to open into Dixon Lake for fishing.

The hike is a total of just under five miles round trip with about 800 feet elevation gain/loss if you start at the Dixon Lake Trailhead. Another option is to go from the Caballo Trailhead which makes the trip 7.5 miles with +/- 1,200' elevation.

Sunrise, You can kind of see the cloud layer in the valley.

Another shot of a beautiful sunrise.

There is the fog covering the valley. I suspect that this fog scared people away from getting out this morning because it took until halfway on my way back when I saw another person. 15 minutes before reaching my car is when I ran into a lot of people.

The sorth-west side of Stanley Peak.

A nice shot of the cloud layer few hundred feet below me.

Escondido is down there somewhere.

Looking west. I love all the ranges lined up. Not something I could see in Illinois!

Looking straight down from Stanley Peak.

Valley Center Road over 1,000 feet below. Just for perspective, the John Hancock Building in Chicago is 1,127 feet tall.

A coyote I saw on the way back.

The lilacs are starting to bloom.

Click here or the picture above to see a 180 degree panoramic from Stanley Peak. (The image is kind of large ~650KB).

That about does it. The photos don't due justice to the beauty that can be found even in our own backyard! E-mail me if you have any questions or comments - mark(REMOVE)

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