Vander Pol / Patterson Escape to the Mountains
September 2-5, 2005
Burnt Rancheria Campground
Mt. Laguna Recreation Area
Cleveland National Forest
San Diego County

Rachel and Michelle on the Way to Monument Peak (not shown off to the right). At this point we were hiking through Manzanita bushes shorter than us which was pretty cool.

The neat thing about the Laguna Mountains are that they are the final rain barrier before the desert. At this point in the hike we are around 6,250 feet.

This is looking east out into the desert. Quite a difference! The flats on the desert floor are at 750 feet elevation. That means there is a 5,500 foot drop in just about 1.5 miles horizontal miles.

This is looking south to just show how steep the mountains are to the desert floor.

Looking north.

Looking west. On the horizon you can see the cloud layer over the ocean and you can kind of make out the line of the ocean.

Michelle, Mark and Kady on Monument Peak.

Rachel and Michelle on Monument Peak.

Okay this photo needs some explaining. On the top of Monument Peak Kady scraped her paw on a rock or something. You can see in the photo above that she is holding up her paw. On the way down Michelle was trying to hold Kady and she thought putting Kady up on her shoulder would make it easier. I happened to catch a photo of Kady on the way up! She didn't last long up there. Kady ended up walking down on her own and she seemed fine.


This is looking west from the top of Wooded Hill (elev. 6,223). 65 miles away was the ocean. We could see it, but not in this photo.

I believe these are Jeffrey Pines framing a photo looking northwest.

Click on the photo for a composite photo of our campsite. The photos didn't match up 100% correctly, but you get the idea.

Overall it was a great trip and amazing that we were in San Diego County the whole time! This place was only about a half hour from my Mom's house and just over an hour from where Michelle and Mark live!

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