Fall 2005 Mid-terms are OVER Backpacking Trip!

On October 28, 2005 Jared Mullins, Greg Schneeberger, Will Gorman (Greg's Cousin) and Mark Vander Pol set out on a one-night backpacking trip to celebrate the fact that mid-terms were over. The hike in was about 3.5 miles and not too difficult even for a bunch of out-of-shape guys. The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was beautiful. We found a nice site along the creek and even set up camp before it got dark. It got cold at night, but as far as I know everybody stayed warm. After breakfast we took our time cleaning up camp and hiking out. Lord willing we will be doing this again (maybe after the spring mid-terms) so let me know if you are interested.

Thanks to Greg Schneeberger for the photos.

There is a small cross in the middle of the map showing roughly where we were.

From L to R: Jared, Will and Mark on the hike in.

Jared with Palomar Mountain and Lake Henshaw in the background.

Jared loves the hatchet.

We had to have a fire. There is nothing quite like looking up at the stars while sitting in front of a fire listening to a babbling brook and having nobody else around for miles.

In the morning. It wasn't foggy like the photo indicates. Greg's camera lens got a little fogged up.

Will cooking up some sausage.

Our tents. Mark and Jared were on the left, Will and Greg on the right.

The only photo of Greg I have posted!

Mark filtering water from the creek.

Agua Caliente Creek. I was surprised at the amount of water - the level actually rose a little over the night.

Looking northwest from our site.

On the trail back.

Going back.

Again, on the way back.

And the last photo.

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